BCM 313 – Narative Interview

The future of work is a funny thing. When people are asked about the future of work it could mean different things to each person. Some might say the future of work is how they personally see their future career, what positions they will be in with different companies while others take the this as how jobs will be in the future. Working from home, working conditions and what jobs might be automated. For me its more on the lines of how working in the future will go given our ever-changing world and technology. This couldn’t be more prevalent in the last 2 years with the covid 19 outbreak.

My view on what the future of work means to me leaves me in a weird state of absolutely not knowing what I want to do in the future, I mean I do put some of the blame on my commerce teacher back in year 9 who put it quite bluntly for everyone in the class. Most people don’t know what they want to do and in this day in age most of us will go through 3 or so different careers. And that was coming from a guy who went from working retail, to sales at Telstra to business manager and finally to a teacher where he currently still teaches. This not knowing of what I want to do in the future has led me to make more goals within the jobs and companies which I hold compared to full career aspirations for example, moving from team member to team leader in my retail position. Currently I work at a call centre for a major drinks provider where I am involved in the complaints side customers when they have issues with our poducts, machines and deliveries however im already looking upward to moving into a sales representative position.

BCM 313 Task 2: Brief Essay

There are always two sides to everything, whether it be a coin, choosing a cheesecake or chocolate cake for desert or relationships. Relationships are everything to most people and most definitely something I hold dear with everyone. I know and one of the most important ones to me that I feel like I never full acknowledged until the past year was the relationship I had with my manager. Thinking back on my previous role in retail it had been the best job I have had in all my experience thus far and most of that I have thanks to my manager. The respect I hold for my manager as someone who while technically was above me in title never felt above me in reality. She was there with myself and my other co-workers on the floor cleaning the store, severing customer, and breaking her own back to get as much work as us done before the end of the day. The level of respect I had for my manager and the level of respect she had for her employees was and is still nothing compared to what I have seen today in my managers since. I remember a conversation I had with her once about it and the way she saw it was that her employees would never put in their maximum effort into their work if she had not done the same along side them and I couldn’t agree more. Hearing from Vice chancellor Patricia Davidson really hit home for me in the begging part of the workshop she participated in. as it was explained that she had taken time away from her campus tour to enter a classroom to observe and participate. Hearing this really brought forward my attention and instantly raised my respect for Patricia as it perfectly hits with the main reason why I had enjoyed my previous job so much and I feel like this is rarely seen well at least in my experiences. Patricia went on to state that she loves being with students and as a nurse also loves being with her patients. This all culminates to the importance relationships have in the workplace that help employees in the workforce grow further than they would otherwise. Having now moved on from my position with that manager I have had firsthand experience in a position at a car dealership where manager does the bare minimum required of them for their job while also being in a unique position to witness their manager put in the extra effort to gain that respect and build the relationship with their employees. In this experience my manager had only watched his employees from a distance and only participated in their work when directly related to his however, his boss actively set out to assist the employees in the work that was unrelated to them and actively trained them to do their positions in special sessions once a week. This caring nature and willingness to go above and beyond even made me and my co-workers respect him on a level my own manager couldn’t get to. The experience I had working at a car dealership has allowed me to fully understand the importance of relationships in jobs and the experiences I have gained from my jobs is only further backed up by Patricia and how the simple acts of helping others that are below you or above you can teach people to grow and understand their positions as well as the positions of others in the businesses

The Dream Job

Narrative Essay

“You start on Thursday” the 4 words that preceded the excitement of a new full time job. I never though I would be so filled with joy to hear those words again, it was like I was 15 again finding out about my very first casual job. I could barely hold it in as I called both my parents to tell them the great news. I had succeeded in getting a full time job.

Arriving 30 minutes early I sat in my car outside the dealership I would be calling work from then on. My excitement had been in overdrive all night, I was lucky I got any sleep at all. When the time came, I made my way to the entrance, the pure white tyles of the floor perfectly reflected the cars and people walking around. I made my way to reception where I was met by the living embodiment of Janie from ghostbusters. “take a seat, he will be with you soon” I waited patiently in a black leather chair, admiring the building, the cars and the people wondering around. It didn’t take long for me to notice that things were wrong.

Siting in the chair gave me some time to really look around at my new workplace. The tiles where my feet were placed looked roughed, unclean and marked. The black leather chair I sat upon, ripped and stained. The roof moulded in places or missing panels entirely revealing messes of wires. My excitement dimmed a little but in the grand scheme of things it was nothing until I met my boss.

Having waited a good 10 minutes my boss finally came out, I stretched out my hand for a shake and was met by with a spilt moment of hesitation, His shake was weak and unenthusiastic, the disinterest on his face was blinding. Finally, we made our way to his office, on the way I continued to look around noticing the people I would be calling my co-workers. Some smiled as I passed and other didn’t even look. Reaching his office, he handed me 2 printed documents and 5 blank pieces of paper. The printed documents were 2 simple but detailed pages of information for cars sold at the dealership. After some general chatting he showed me to my corner desk and told me to read the documents and take notes. As he walked away, I began exploring my new desk, large and white with a laptop and monitor, 3 drawers and 2 stackable organisers all with someone else’s items inside. What excitement I had for my new job 20 minutes prior had been reduced to the level of excitement you get for a package arriving at your door.

I sat there for most of the day, reading the same 2 documents over and over and over again, taking notes on a blank piece of paper but, I put up with it. In my head I was getting paid to sit there and read the same documents and take the same notes over and over again. I got a little bit of a reprieve when a co-worker from a different aspect of the business took pity on me and decided to show me a little bit of the ropes. They were ropes that didn’t exactly apply to me, but it was the only interaction I was going to get from someone else that day. It continued like this for 3 days.

For 3 days I sat at my desk with the same 2 printed documents from my boss, writing notes. The only difference was I decided to bring in a notebook. By this time, I felt tired and defeated. Outside of the occasional chat with a co-worker while getting coffee or if someone needed me to be their errand boy to get the papers from the printer 10 meters away. Within 3 days I already dreaded going to work in the morning. Doing the same menial task assigned to me on my first day. At this stage the only interactions I had had with my boss was the handing over of the initial documents and the occasional “find this car downstairs”. I was fed up.

Initially I had thoughts of just leaving job, calling it quits, but no one wants to do that. No one wants to be labelled as a quitter. It was day 4 when my excitement for work rose again. I was gonna stick it to him by being proactive with what I had on hand. If he wasn’t going to spend the time training me or assigning someone to training me, I was going to do it myself.

BCM 312 Idea Blog

Are trigger warnings a necessary form of communication for an audience.

As a small possible research question for my proposal I mainly would like to find out if trigger warnings for media content are useful and from there can decide if they are necessary. From my current basic understanding I cant say how effective they are as personally I tend to ignore them or pay very little attention however, I can see the potential benefits and how they could be necessary and effective. In the long run I don’t see why they cant be on media content by default anyway, I may ignore them however, I don’t dislike them for being there.

with the amount of media content being produced on a daily basis it can be hard to focus on the content you wish to see or filtering new content you would like to try and see. This combined with the vast variety of different content each individual enjoys it can be hard to sort out the content that you personally enjoy and content that might trigger you. Warnings have been apart of human culture for centuries from the simple electric fence sign to your mother warning you not to sit to close to the TV or your eyes will turn square. As time has gone on, content online has evolved and started to tackle more and more sensitive topics. Recent examples I can think of include the highly controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons why, which tackled themes of bullying and suicide.

In recent years issues that come from mental health have been an ever growing issue among people especially with access to different online content. The need for warnings has never been higher, not just for people who do get triggered by certain content but for the public relations a company or person who produces content has with their audience. The previously mentioned 13 reasons why got caught up with some trouble when they not only failed to provide a warning at the beginning of episodes but also showing certain content that that had been previously stated by a number of mental health institutions should not been shown as it could glorify and encourage some to copy. This disregard for a simple trigger warning for such serious content caused many viewers to negatively rate the show, with some mental health organisations criticizing the producers resulting in warnings being added.

In a report titled Trigger warning: Empirical evidence ahead, Benjamin W.Bellet, Payton J.Jones, Richard J.McNally conducted some research into the effectiveness of trigger warnings before particularly distressing written and audio visual pieces of content. The results of their findings found that people who identified as those who would triggered found themselves to have a greater anxiety while reading or watching the media content. From this report we can see that trigger warnings may actually have the opposite effect than intended. In another report titled Helping or Harming? The Effect of Trigger Warnings on Individuals With Trauma Histories. Researchers also found that trigger warnings often didn’t function as intended and often caused more harm when shown to people with traumatic histories. Finally, in a 2019 paper titled Trigger Warnings Are Trivially Helpful at Reducing Negative Affect, Intrusive Thoughts, and Avoidance found that trigger warnings held no meaningful effects leaving participants with neither help nor overly negative effects from the ensuing content.

Looking through some reports has been a little bit of an eye opener for me as I previously thought that trigger warnings often helped people suffering from traumatic experiences. This is something I would like to do further research on for my research proposal.


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BCM 215 Digital Artefact

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, from bushfires all the way to a global pandemic it has not been a pleasant year. With this all-in mind I felt for my DA I needed to go with something that brings me joy thinking about it and that’s video games! More specially story-based video games. As far back as I can remember I’ve always played story-based video games starting back with the first Jak and Daxter on the PS2. (which I still have and should still work with the right cables) having spent years playing story games it shocked me to hear that quite a large number of people I know don’t play or have never really played video games for their story, they tend to stick with multiplayer games which is where the idea for my DA came from. Starting out as perspective into video games based on their stories, it quickly evolved into more of a quick review series on games with a focus on story leading me to giving an overall quick review of the game in question, what its about and who the game is for. The utility for this particular Digital Artefact is for people who want to expand their game library with games they likely never really thought of playing prior due to a lack of experience with the genre, My aim for the Digital Artefact is to raise the awareness of story based video games with my first few episodes having a focus on non-linear stories with Hollow Knight, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Feedback for my project has overall been quite positive with most of it having good information from online articles that provide extra insides into the games im talking about, I’ve also had some feedback in regards to audio with the music being a little too loud as well as some possible advertising and monetising of my Digital Artefact. Overall I think the trajectory for this Digital Artefact is going well as its the most interesting Digital Artefact out of all the ones I’ve created throughout the BCM subjects and its one I enjoy creating. In the future however I will likely have to advertise my Digital Artefact on more platforms to get a larger audience.

BCM 215 Beta

Hello and welcome to my beta. Just something before we begin I’ve decided to change my beta to more of games I recommend based on how much I enjoy the story and who the game might appeal to.  For my first episode I’ve decided to talk about Hollow Knight one of my favourite videogames in recent years with its challenging yet rewarding gameplay and its story and world building that kept me coming back for more. In a report written by Ben McIntosh, Randi Cohn and Lindsay Grace, Nonlinear Narrative in Games: Theory and Practice, they describe nonlinear storytelling in video games to have a few categories Open world, branching and parallel. In open world the player is able to experience different aspects of the story whenever they chose or are able to find other smaller stories through side quests. In branching storytelling, the player is able to chose different options that allows them to discover different endings based on choices made and finally parallel storytelling is where the story unfolds based on how the player controls their character. Within Hollow Knight I believe the game falls somewhere between open world and branching storytelling as the game allows you to explore the vast world of Hallownest at your own pace with only certain areas being locked behind some progression. With the game not forcing you to explore everywhere this leads to a number of ending which require certain prerequisites gained from that extra exploration.


Mcintosh, B., Cohn, R. and Grace, L., 2008. Nonlinear Narrative in Games: Theory and Practice. p.2. Available at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/262250055_Nonlinear_Narrative_in_Games_Theory_and_Practice [Accessed 15 October 2020].

212 Reflection post

A summarizing reflection of what you learned about research and research communication, and what you would do differently next time. What I learnt, that’s very interesting question because I think many will agree and say that the whole online Uni thing has been tough and, in my opinion, a massive pain it the neck. I don’t feel like I’ve learnt much of anything new with everything being online. Nothing feels like it matters because I don’t have any exams and it feels like half if not most of the content taught in tutorials has nothing or little to do with the new tasks assigned. side note if whoever is marking stuff leave a comment that just has the letter F to let me know that you’ve actually read this because I honestly it seems like a waste of time. As for what I would do next time….. avoid online classes as much as possible. Now I realize this is no where near 400 words but that shouldn’t matter should it cause its not getting marked and if it does get marked then what does this mean? “We won’t grade your reflection, but it must be there.” anywho overall I think my project went fine. If I was to do it again id likely try to start earlier and I know it sounds ironic but not procrastinate as much.


Ideating, prototyping and now making. One of 3 main concepts for any idea, product or project, making is greatly important because without it then you don’t really have much of a project. Making can be a tough part of any project as it involves finalising the prototype of your project to iron out any kinks and incorporate and feedback. Sometimes the process of making can be easy especially if the feedback for your prototype is mostly positive, in some cases little to nothing needs to be changed however sometimes you might have to start from scratch when it comes to finalising and making your project which can be a tedious task.

Digital Artefact

nothing you make online is set in stone. Because of the openness of the internet anyone can cook-I mean anyone can create anything, with this vast resource creating online can feel daunting with a high failure rate however if you do succeed you succeed big. For some their Digital Artefacts have grown massively gaining a large following and has become something they can profit from and for others their Digital Artefact hasn’t garnered that kind of attention, For me it’s a bit of both. Initially I decided to continue my Digital Artefact from BCM112, a movie review podcast where I would watch and review movies for those who wanted something quick to listen or to watch while in the cinema lobby, while shopping or even driving. The aim was to provide a quick take on a movie for people to know if the movie was worth seeing or not however at the time, given that UNI student life (yo) it wasn’t easy to see new movies in the cinemas that most people would want to know about. Given these constraints I decided to move away from that to something that was easier to create, curate and get out into the public eye and that’s how I started a second twitter account The Internet Pie. My concept for this project is based around most people finding reddit way to intimidating to browse and I completely agree with that, personally it took me over a year to begin actively engaging with others on reddit. With the knowledge that most people are to afraid to browse reddit I decided to create a new twitter profile with the intention of posting some of the best reddit has to offer in the hopes that it would encourage people to browse reddit and fully grasp the content, opinions, news and questions found on reddit. Initially I wanted to post whatever I found that was interesting on reddit however without a following yet I decided to stick to images that peaked people’s curiosity, these images ranged from funny to confusing in a curious way however due to twitter feed system I was only getting views from people who followed me on twitter. After some due thoughts I decided to begin posting images I found that related to worldwide trending keywords and hashtags and this is where I got most engagement on my profile. In the couple of tweets, I had made with trending keywords and hashtags i got from a couple of hundred impressions to some thousands leading to more views on normal posts I made. This overall was a large learning moment as gaining a following on twitter takes more than just posting content, you need to relate posts to trending topics and then people who enjoy that content will share it around.


Arguably the most important aspect of any given project is the prototype, without it no one can say for sure if it would work. When thinking about prototypes they are basically feedback machines, designed to be criticized. Without prototyping a project will likely fail, whether it be the project not reaching enough people or not resonating with the intended audience. With my DA I have created a twitter account where I post images from reddit aimed at those who find reddit daunting to browse. So far it has come with some success here and there with posts I have made getting a large amount of views and engagement however feedback outside of this has been limited. Fortunately for me this is my prototype of my DA and I aim to make certain changes such as posting images with captions that ask questions or encourage people to comment. Right now as it stands my DA has had some successes but I am willing to push on keep posting in the hopes that my audience will grow and gain more feedback.

Check out my DA over at https://twitter.com/TheInternetPie and using @TheInternetPie